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Potato, green onions, fresh cucumber, liver of a cod or pollack, egg, mayonnaise, leaf of salad, tomato, olives, potato chips.

On a bottom of a plate to put leaves of salad in edge so that they "played" a role of a flower leaf.

The boiled potato to three on a large grater the first layer also is stacked. We grease with mayonnaise. Then a layer of finely cut green onions, we grease with the mayonnaise, a following layer - a liver of a pollack or a cod. We grease with mayonnaise. A layer is thin cut fresh cucumber, we grease with mayonnaise. To three on a grater fiber of a boiled egg - we grease with mayonnaise. On a fine grater three yolk also we strew salad.

We draw a lattice by thin jet of mayonnaise and decorated half of olives as "sunflower seeds" of a sunflower.
Chips are stacked in edge of salad on a circle, these are like petals. It is possible to make a "ladybird" from a tomato and to decorate with a salad.
Monday August 8, 2022