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The Dough: 200 grams of sour cream, 0,2 banks of the condensed milk, 2 eggs to pound with 1 glass of sugar, 2 teaspoons of soda to put out 2 teaspoons of vinegar, 2 glasses of a flour, vanillin.
a cream: 1 litre of sour cream is shaken up with 1 glass of sugar, sour creams it is possible hardly more.
the Fresh cherry (it is possible frozen) or the tinned cherry in own juice.
Glaze: 1\2 a glass of sugar, 3 tea spoons of cocoa, 4-5 table spoons of milk, all to cook on weak fire up to thickening. To add 1 table spoon of a butter.

1/3 part of the test to lay out in the form and to bake the prebake. In other weight to add 2 table spoons of cocoa and to bake. Light корж it is possible to cut lengthways that it has turned out 2 коржа which to lay on a round dish.
To grease with a cream and to lay a cherry. From dark prebake to tear off slices, to dip in a cream and to put a hill on light prebake, covering slices a cherry.
To fill in a pie with glaze, to put in a refrigerator.

Sorry for my English :)
Monday August 8, 2022